The Born to Win Cast

Authentic performances from a solid cast significantly contributed to the impact of the story.

Leon Terblanche

Played by Greg Kriek

Leon Terblanche is a teacher at a school for the physically disabled. Struggling with the buried hurts from his past and his present frustrations, he finds himself confronted with the question: “Where is God?” Leon struggles with making sense of his life and unintentionally hurts the ones closest to him. God eventually turns the hurt, frustration & emptiness of Leon into hope, faith & victory to inspire many to be the winners they were born to be.

Elmarie Terblanche

Played by Leoné Pienaar

Elmarie captivates Leon with her beauty and confidence while Leon is in teachers college. Marriage, family and a successful career follow her. Elmaire later struggles to meet Leon where he’s at and this leads to strains in their marriage and family.

Briggitte Terblanche

Played by Marié Cronjé

Briggitte is the daughter of Leon and Elmarie, a talented, beautiful and young lady who is committed to her faith in God.


Played by Cobus Venter

Henco is a married man and is one of Leon’s best friends. They studied and work together at the school for the physically disabled. He is a lot of fun, irresponsible and caring.

Jack Daniels

Played by Merlin Balie

Jack is also one of Leon’s best friends. He is a married man; he is still a bit shaky in terms of character and doesn’t implement a lot of boundaries in his life He owns his own 2nd hand car business ‘Cheapie King’.


Played by Nadia Beukes

Esther is a loving and faithful friend of Elmarie’s and plays an important role in Elmarie’s journey to faith.

Leon’s mother

Played by Dorette Potgieter

Leon’s mother struggles with love and finding stability in her life. She gets married twice and her second marriage becomes abusive and is the start of Leon’s childhood sadness.

Leon’s dad

Played by Anrich Herbst

Leon’s real father comes across as a nice guy but deep down is also struggling with issues from his childhood.

Little Leon Terblanche

Played by James Reardon

Leon has a hard childhood growing up in an abusive family environment. He’s left to face life on his own at a young age. A courageous young boy who still finds hope and joy in those who surround him.


Played by Sylvia Mdunyelwa-Kobus

Mama worked at the hotel where Leon’s biological dad stayed. She served them breakfast every morning and took a particular interest in young Leon. She is a courageous, bold and loving woman who stands firm in her faith. Under difficult circumstances she decides to take little Leon under her wing and look after him as a young child.

Mama’s Son

Played by Zukhanye (Zuki) Sigwela

Mama’s son quickly becomes Leon’s little brother that he never had. He is a loving and welcoming young boy who grew up in the apartheid era in South Africa. He shows Leon how to race wire cars in the township.

Uncle Ampie

Played by David Osbourne

Uncle Ampie works on the Steam Train with Leon. A kind and caring old man that imparts some wisdom onto Leon while he is still at college. 

The Doctor

Played by Tim Theron

The younger Deonette

Played by Lizaan Raath

The older Deonette

Played by Leandie du Randt


Played by Bennie Fourie


Played by Llewellyn van den Berg


Played by Kwezi Kobus


Played by Grace Sithole

Mr Universe

Played by Garth Collins


Played by Riaan Joubert