Response and testimonials about Born to Win

“It is one of the most powerful movies of recent times. Without a doubt – it is God’s blockbuster for this time.”

Rev John Thomas

Pastor at King of Kings Baptist Church

“No doubt that every person will be affected deeply by this film and still enjoy many laughs. This film needed to be made because we all need to be reminded that we weren’t born to lose. We were Born to win.”

Greg Kriek

“A new Christian Classic about to be released – every Christian should own a copy!”

Erin Georgiou

Editor , Joy Magazine

“This movie is no longer about us. It is now a tool God is using to give the world hope!”

Leon Terblanche

“After watching Born to Win, I had the feeling that nothing is impossible.”

Liliana Oliveri

(Saboath Film Festival, Milan, Italy)

“Baie dankie! The reality of this movie will shake hearts and foundations. Jesus be praised! Amen.”

Wilhelm De Klerk

“Dit was ‘n ongelooflike voorreg om vandag Born to Win te kon sien! Ekt gehuil van die begin tot die einde!! Uistekende fliek!!”

Anika Kearley

“I’m not a movie person. I normally catch 40 winks while my family watch (lol) But this movie had me riveted. Pastors, please get your congregation to go see this movie. Most will find this a therapeutic experience. Support this God inspired film! It’s a dramatic paradigm shift from the norm in the movie industry. Our support for clean, family orientated and yet top quality movies ensures that such be continuously produced. This is a top quality movie that is about real life, real issues, real faith and a REAL GOD!”

Pastor Leslie Munsamy

Chairman- Phoenix Ministers Fraternal

“My vriendin se eksman het Saterdag Born to Win gaan kyk. Man van 69jr, glo nie in God nie. Hy het tydens fliek gehuil en was Sondag die hele dag huilerig en emosioneel. Hy wil na ons kerk toe kom. Sy woorde was, n kerk waar daar nie “clicks” is nie. Ek is so opgewonde oor hierdie man. Dat ons net biddend sal bly vir Jaap. Geseende, awesome dag, herder, boodskapper van God.”

Karin Van Heerden

“Just finished watching this movie at the movie house. Firstly, well done to the actors, excellent South African actors. Most importantly, thank you to the people who mad e this movie happen. BRILLAINT movie with so much realness and compassion. Will buy this when it comes out on DVD. Praise God for His mighty hand in all our daily activities.”

Helen Broadway

“What an inspiring movie  i felt this story reach out to my heart , every moment depicted how i felt about myself and today God told me i am not worthless! Thank you for a great movie.”


Rosslinda Rhoda

“Amazing, Uplifting, Restoring, Healing and Breakthrough Movie. I’m a new person after watching it!”

Azande Ndebele

“Just came back from the cinema, watched the movie and was deeply moved and reminded that God is always listening. He knows my name! Thank you for such a wonderful story.”

Nomusa Mbeje MaShandu

“Ever wondered where God is in YOUR troubles? He is there to help you rise up & roar with the fierceness of a lion once wounded!”

Johan Redelinghuis

“I watched born to Win last night, and I must say was moved by Leon’s story. I love the message behind it”

Reshoketswe Nteseng Mafogo

“Thank you Frans Cronje and team ‪#‎BornToWin‬… what a fantastic, heart ripping, “in your face”, to the point, REAL movie. Thank you Leon for being prepared to share your story with us… ‪#‎EXCELLENT‬! BAIE DANKIE JULLE.”

Joanine Le Roux

“I loved this movie! It was so real! It was like watching the reality of a relationship with Jesus when everything around us is falling apart.. My best moments were the quite still moments when Leon was in Spirit in a big open field. I believe It is those encounters with God that changes ones life.”

Caroline Schofield

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